This isn't actually my truck.

This isn't actually my truck.


I'm a freelance writer, editor, and recipe developer who loves the challenge of writing about something new. There's a book in here somewhere, and one day I'll write it. Until then, you'll find me writing and blogging about family and parenting, food and cooking, books and movies, etiquette and entertaining, and the occasional travel brag or political opinion.

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What do I do?

I live and work in South Carolina, and travel with relish (and often a jar of Duke's mayonnaise). I have a solid bank of frequent flyer miles, but can always use more. I cook my feelings so everyone can eat them, then write about it. I write about parenting, though my parenting skills are dubious. I offer loads of etiquette advice, and swear and talk too loud at parties. I love talking about healthy eating, and eating potato chips and dip in bed. Also, cheese fries. I have an M.S.W. that I mostly use to torment my children when they're in trouble by having a long, boring conversation about why they made a misguided choice instead of grounding them.